DEPAS - Diesel Engine Performance Analysing Systems
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DEPAS Laboratory specializes on developing of systems of ships diesel engines working process monitoring.

Depas 2.34sp ScreenShot

DEPAS 2.34sp

These systems are used on ship, railway and stationary diesel installations since 1996. Rich experience of operation allowed to create highly effective Phaseless Synchronisation Algorithm (PSA) - definition of TDC, BDC and subsequent synchronization of data without usage of any sensors on a flywheel.

Parameters of working process are determined on three information channels: fuel combustion, fuel injection, valves timing.


Handy 1.0 Screenshots

DEPAS 4.0 Handy

In 2011 the new portable system of diesel engines working process monitoring DEPAS 4.0H is developed. Said system is an improved version of DEPAS 2.34sp and belongs to “divided monitoring” systems.

DEPAS 4.0H is created on the basis of the modern high-efficiency controller.


SC 1.6 Screenshots

SC 1.6

SC 1.6 system allows to perform remote monitoring of ship power installation working parameters.
It is possible local (on a vessel) or remote (through the Internet) monitoring.


Depas 2.34sp
DEPAS 4.0 Handy
SC 1.6


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